W3 Holistic is a cosy holistic therapy studio located in the heart of Acton, West London.

 W3 Holistic has been founded by Dominika Masnica  with a view  to provide top quality treatments to help you achieve optimal levels of health and well-being.

W3 Holistic is dedicated to supporting you on your health journey, whether you want general wellbeing tips and advice, specific assistance with a health issue, or simply need to switch off from your busy life and relax.

Dominika Masnica:
Holistic Massage Therapist / Colonic Hydrotherapist/ Natural Health and Detox Consultant

A practicing therapist since 2006, I have been based at prestigious Balance the clinic in Chelsea as well as one of London’s oldest and best established complementary health clinics, the Brackenbury, prior to opening this private practice in my local neighbourhood of Acton in May 2014. I have helped thousands of people reach new levels of health and vibrancy. Having overcome my own health challenges through embracing the detox lifestyle, I am a big believer in naturopathic medicine, and dedicated to education and empowerment of people to take charge of their wellbeing through regular natural health maintenance, correct nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.