cropped-w3-holistic-logo3.jpgI have known Dominika for over six years. We met at a time I needed sports massage following triathlon training and to help cure injuries suffered to both shoulders.Dominika not only provided excellent deep tissue massage but also guidance on exercises and stretching to help my training and cure pain in each shoulder. I would highly recommend her. (Simon Swift)

Dominika is one of those rare, highly intuitive and incredibly skilled colonic therapists who makes the whole experience feel so rejuvenating and nurturing, I keep coming back for more cleanses! Thank you for keeping me moving, Dominika! (Cecilie H.)

Dominika has a really deep understanding and knowledge of the gut, through her extremely professional approach to colonics she has helped me overcome some digestion issues. She will advise you on anything from nutrition to supplements, foods to eat and how to keep a balanced lifestyle, she’s an all round gem and one for your little back book. (Claire Finlay, Founder Transition Zone studio)

Superlative sports massage. Simply the best around. Dominika knows exactly how the muscles and tendons fit together and therefore ensures the massage is a deeply therapeutic and healing experience. (James West London)

   Dominika is my absolute favorite colonic hydrotherapist in the UK. She is intelligent, graceful, kind, and will have you feeling better in no time. Her years of education and experience mixed with a kind, sweet personality is beyond comforting.She incorporates her own strong intuition, massage skills, and gentle hand to create the perfect colonic experience.Most importantly, she has a killer sense of humor. Working with her is so fun you’ll forget you were having any kind of “therapy” in the first place. ( Jen Bloom)

Dominika’s colonics are amazing on many levels.  She’s professional, thorough and full of care, with an expertise that guides you to achieving sustainable & better health.  The colonics make you feel great and particularly energised afterwards.  I would highly recommend a course of treatments to get the full benefits of the colonics alongside learning from Dominika’s wisdom on health as an added gem & life changer! (Camilla Cooper)

I started visiting Dominika after a strong recommendation by a work colleague when I was looking for a quality sports masseur. I have ran four marathons and, as is the norm with intense marathon training, in the past picked up injuries during training. For my last marathon I decided to have regular massages (on my rest day after my long run) to prevent injury and to work on areas that were starting to give me trouble immediately. I believe categorically the excellent massage I received made a huge difference to my training. Dominika located a problem with my hamstring before I was even aware. I noticed after treatment on this area that a pain I was experiencing around my knee area had completely gone. I then realised it was in fact my hamstring that was causing the pressure around my knee. The treatment enabled me to continue with quality training and also more importantly prevented an injury. Like many runners I am not very good at stretching after a run, and the regular massages automatically made my muscles very relaxed and more flexible. I had far less pain using a foam roller for the first time during training. The regular massages played an immense part of my being injury free before and on the day of the marathon which helped me achieve a personal best time of 3:13. Dominika’s Deep Tissue Remedial Massage is excellent. Dominika is a talented sports masseur who can locate and work on trigger points even before you are aware, which is important as it does prevent long term injury. (Sharon Quigley)

Dominika has helped me so much. My temperamental digestive system has greatly improved since I began regular treatments . Her manner is relaxed and friendly and she really cares about her patients. (Mrs Maureen Stokes)

Dominika has a real holistic aura about her. I first got to know her through colonics, which at the best of times are not the most pleasant sensations, but really have amazing effects both on the body and mind! Lately I also used her massaging skills as I am training for a charity event and find it quite hard keeping my muscles to shape. Both experiences are really positive and I would endorse Dominika’s skills! (Elke F.)


7 thoughts on “ENDORSEMENTS

  1. deb says:

    I bought a package of colonics. Dominika is a true professional and an expert on health and nutrition. As a therapist she is patient and flexible. Great clinic. Highly recommend.

  2. deb says:

    I highly recommend Dominika. I have visited her for years. She is friendly, flexible, professional and knowledgeable. If you are thinking about having a colonic for the first time, do it! You won’t look back and you’ll be in safe hands here.

  3. Kate says:

    If you are looking for a great Whole Body massage for tight, tired muscles of just want to relive tension then do not hesitate to book with Dominika. She is fantastic and your body will be well looked after. The focus is on the service at her clinic in Acton …. I am a Perosnal Trainer and cannot recommend her highly enough to my clients and friends.

  4. Mona says:

    I recently visited W3 Holistic for a colonic. I was very impressed by Nasrin who instantly put me at ease and expertly explained the procedure.
    She was confident, competent and very knowledgeable. She took the time at the end (while I dressed) to make notes of some of the key advice she offered which I found very helpful.
    I would definitely recommend Nasrin

  5. Rahel says:

    Nasrin was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. She is very professional, incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about general health and wellbeing.
    She talked me through the process of the treatment and made me feel at ease. She engaged with me and kept checking with the procedure to ensure that I was comfortable throughout the treatment.
    I found the treatment fantastic and beneficial. I went back for the second treatment in the space of two weeks as I was satisfied with the results.
    Nasrin extended her service with lots of dietary advice and talked me through possible external factors that could affect my body internal processes which was very helpful and an eye opening.
    She encouraged me to reconnect with my body and make the necessary changes so I can feel the full benefit of the treatment in the long run.
    I left feeling very informed and with a greater understanding of some of the troubles I’ve been experiencing.
    No doubt that I will be going back for more.

    I highly recommend the colonic hydrotherapy with Nasrin.

  6. Margarida says:

    I came to see the lovely Nasrin for a colonic hydrotherapy session. I have various health issues like constipation, constant bloatedness, acid reflux, indegestion. After the consultation, we went ahead and she professionally did the colonic treatment making me feel comfortable and at ease and i felt that she did the treatment to its full potential as ive done this treatment elsewhere before and it wasnt as helpful and good as this session was. Nasrin kindly advised me on how to change my diet as well as what suitable herbal medication I should take, and leaving the current tablet I was taking; Omeprazol which was causing all these issues I had. After follow her advice it has been a few weeks now I can feel and see massive positive changes in my body and I feel great! Thank you so much and I would high recommend Nasrin for this treatment she will most definitely help you!

  7. dionnegreenwood says:

    I had never had a colonic before but I was recommended to Nasrin from a friend. I couldn’t believe you could get so many health benefits and I’ve only had one treatment! Nasrin made me feel completely relaxed and explained everything thoroughly. I have adopted her nutritional advice and it has given me so much more energy in the morning. I can’t wait until my next treatment! Highly recommend.

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